General Information

Like everyone T Club 6 needs to comply with the GDPR rules, we have updated our data policy, please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Emergency Evacuation
Should we need to evacuate the school due to an emergency, we will re-locate all the children to Reigate Methodist Church on Reigate High Street.

Your Contact Information
It is important that you keep the club informed of any changes in your circumstances, including any new contact information and emergency contacts that may have changed.
It is also important that you update your account with your child’s new class details.

In our last Ofsted visit T-Club-6 met all the requirements of the childcare register. Whilst the club passed with flying colours, we aren’t graded like the school. However the inspector was impressed with how happy and engaged such a large group of children were.


We are always in need of replacing and updating our collection of toys, if you are having a clear out and think you have something the children would like to play with at the club, please talk to a member of staff. We are always in need of dressing up clothes, modelling junk, yoghurt pots and Pringle type tubes.


Now Summer is here, and the weather has warmed up, our staff tend to get a bit cheeky and find the water guns that we have hidden, you may want to keep a towel in your car to protect your seats.


We offer the children a wide range of healthy snacks that comply with the latest Government regulations and accommodates children’s dietary needs (it is important that you tell us of any allergies). The snacks are set out in a buffet style giving the children independence in preparing and choosing what items they would like.

We rotate a six day menu and after consulting with the children our current themes are:

Afternoon Tea, Breakfast, American, Brunch, Continental, & Greek.

A copy of this terms snack rota is available on Activities Page.